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CMB has 30 years of in-depth construction industry experience.

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Have you been frustrated by brokers who:

  • don’t provide protection or cost options?
  • make big promises but don’t deliver?
  • don’t communicate with you?
  • don’t assist you in closing claims quickly?
  • don’t understand you or your business needs?
  • cannot make your options easy to understand?

At CMB, We’ll protect what matters most like it’s our own

Do you have the 6 Types of
Insurance Every Contractor Needs?


Don’t be caught without the right insurance when the unexpected happens!

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In this guide you’ll learn about the most common types of insurance for contractors, some of which you may never have considered (hint: you need more than just Commercial General Liability). Plus, get a FREE insurance review for your construction business – details inside!


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Get the complete picture with CMB

Business, personal, and more. Get the coverage you want.

Dedicated team of agents.

Personalized service ready to help with answers to your questions, ongoing support, and policy management.

Multiple policy and cost options.

Helping you customize and choose the right protection, insurance company, and cost.

Get claims paid quickly.

Handled with care to help you minimize downtime and secure top dollar for your protection.

Reduce the probability of a claim.

Tools to help you spot and avoid problems before you suffer the consequences.

Proper risk management for the Alberta construction industry

No single insurance program can blanket all projects, so we assess your situation attentively, and construct coverage options that are as individual as whatever you are building. We offer course of construction insurance policies covering physical damage, soft costs and business interruption, and wrap-up liability programs covering all professionals and trades involved in a project. We handle contract surety bonding and have the power of attorney to issue bonding documents, so that your urgent deadlines are met.

We’re accustomed to insuring all types of construction. These include road building, sewer and pipeline construction, gas and forest plants, site excavation and grading, environmental and site remediation, industrial and commercial building, and single family and multi-family new-home construction. We insure general contractors and all trades.

From builders risk insurance and general liability insurance to commercial auto insurance and injury and property damage, we’ve got the right type of coverage for business owners, project owners and their construction sites.


Why do I need Contractor Insurance?

Too often, insurance providers offer standard, packaged solutions they assume will work for all contractors. Our specialists in construction insurance will work with you to review your portfolio, identify any associated exposures and draw up a custom solution that’s suited to your unique needs.

Whether you are a tradesperson working alone, a large construction firm with many construction projects or an independent engineer/architect — our over 30 years of in-depth experience in working with the construction industry have given us the unique expertise to craft coverage that’s specific to you and your business.

  • Protection for property, job site, tool, supply and equipment losses due to fire, vandalism, theft and more
  • Protection for equipment breakdowns
  • Protection for liability losses due to bodily injuries or third-party property damage
  • Protection for errors and omissions
  • Protection for loss of income due to business interruption and more
  • Protection for automobile losses due to accidents and vandalism
  • Protection for cyber losses due to data loss, credit card breach and other digital threats

Construction and contractor sectors we serve:

Read our CFO’s Guide

Buying insurance for your company can be complicated, costly and confusing. This guide aims to share our inside knowledge of the business to simplify your insurance experience.
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Our blog is a growing resource, specifically designed for professionals in the construction industry. We delve into some of the latest industry news and provide guidance on various types of construction insurance. Beyond this, we provide valuable insights from the insurance landscape and essential information from our strategic partners in financing, safety, and human resources, all tailored to meet the unique challenges of the construction sector. To get you started, here are some key articles:

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Understanding Subcontractor Default Insurance: Learn about the importance of this insurance in protecting against subcontractor-related risks.

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Does Your Builders Risk Policy Cover Soft Costs?: An exploration into builders risk policies and the often-overlooked aspect of soft cost coverage.

Visit our Construction Insurance Blog for the latest updates, insights, and practical advice.

Why Professionals Trust CMB

When working with a new client, on average our audits uncover $1.5 M of business risk unaddressed and/or assets that have been overlooked.

The right program management can reduce the total cost of insurance by up to 30%.

On average, $20K recovery of lost profit for not-at-fault claims on heavy commercial units.

Your equipment claims settled up to 8 weeks faster than industry.
Savings of at least 10 hours of your time.

Approximately 70% of businesses have unaddressed risk—and don’t know it.
The average out-of-pocket cost of a loss is $280K—preventable on the right plan.

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Areas We Serve:

  • Alberta • British Columbia • Saskatchewan • North West Territories

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