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CMB Insurance Brokers Calgary and Southern Alberta

A fierce focus on customer service partnered with genuine caring removes the confusion and cost uncertainty from your insurance program.

What if purchasing and managing your insurance wasn’t painful?

At CMB’s Southern Alberta branch we share your frustration over confusion in the insurance industry. We know what it means to have so many other things to do rather than managing insurance problems.

CMB’s Calgary branch president, Wayne Connelly, MBA, has worked and overseen every job in the insurance industry over his 27 year career. Having also lived in nearly every major city across Canada he has the unique ability to put himself in the shoes of the Canadian business owner. Wayne isn’t just trying to understand the diverse operations of his clients, he’s been there himself.

A five minute initial call is all that is needed to get started. After CMB Calgary gains an understanding of your current insurance program and your needs you will be provided with a tailored solutions. CMB Calgary is ready to take your call, right now, day or night.

When your insurance program is a partnership rather than a transaction you have what you need to make the right decisions to secure and prosper your company. You’ll avoid small inefficiencies that bleed value out of your company and sudden catastrophic exposures that put you out of business.

A fierce focus on customer service partnered with genuine caring removes the confusion and cost uncertainty from your insurance program.

Call CMB Calgary today at 587-943-3721 or click here to get a quote.

Calgary Office

Located within the Essex Lease
Financial Corporation building
10768 74 St SE
Calgary, AB
T2C 5N6

Office Phone: 587.943.3720
Fax: 780.424.4612
Toll-Free: 800.424.7141
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri
24/7 claims line: 1.877.318.5118

CMB + Essex Partnership

Customers come to Essex Leasing with financing and insurance programs which are under-served and risk-exposed. The CMB + Essex partnership provides “on the spot” flexible financing with tailored insurance for anything that runs on diesel. Essex Leasing customers have a convenient “in-house” solution to their equipment financing and insurance needs.

Essex Leasing customers can call CMB Insurance Calgary at 587-943-3721 to get a quote.

Meet CMB Southern Alberta

Wayne Connelly

Wayne Connelly

Branch President Calgary

(587) 943-3721

(403) 975-7318

[email protected]


We think differently about the insurance experience

Everything we do is centered on making the experience of purchasing and managing your Risk Management program easy. We do this by challenging the status quo.

Protect your business

CMB’s primary function as a broker is to protect its clients’ shareholder value and bottom-line performance. Providing the appropriate coverage and liability protects your company’s assets against risk from accidents during operations.

Control your costs

Achieving maximum protection at the lowest possible cost is the goal. At least 75% of your insurance premium is directly related to either your past loss history or losses the insurer expects you to incur.

Reduce the negative impact of a loss

Don’t let a claim get in the way of your business. We help you minimize the effect of a claim on your bottom line.

Solutions beyond the standard policy

CMB’s solutions go deeper than the norm. We provide a wide variety of enhancements and share powerful resources to help you improve your bottom line performance.

An idea of what you can expect

Your business makes significant investments in assets that require regular maintenance not only to protect its value but also to avoid unplanned business interruption. Similarly, regular touchpoints and upgrades to your insurance program will ensure it responds at its best when you need it.