Insurance Premium Financing by Aurora

Aurora Premium Financing offers flexible premium financing solutions that allow businesses to manage their cashflow more effectively, providing access to insurance coverage that might otherwise be difficult to obtain with a one-time payment.

Aurora prioritizes customer satisfaction and brings expertise in insurance financing to the table, offering comprehensive financing solutions and dedicated customer service. Whether for personal or commercial insurance premiums, Aurora is the dependable choice.

What is insurance premium financing?

Premium financing allows an organization to spread insurance costs over a specified payment period instead of having to pay a lump-sum advanced payment.

In some cases, premium financing makes it possible for a business to afford the full and proper insurance coverage they might not have the ability to purchase due to cash flow limitations.

Cash flow that was previously tied to an advanced lump-sum insurance payment is now available as operating capital. Financing solutions can also be applied to seasonal business revenue streams or scheduled around payroll dates for additional control.

Premium financing is one more tool to make your risk management program simple, controllable, and predictable.

CMB Insurance Brokers can arrange competitive and flexible terms through various lenders if you need a finance plan to spread out insurance premium payments.

Top three benefits to premium financing:

  • Conserve operating funds
  • No need for a yearly down payment
  • Simple process and convenient plan

Do you need to free up working capital in your business?

Premium financing is straight forward, and it’s packed with benefits:

Improved cash flow

  • conserve operating funds
  • no down payment required
  • pay for your insurance as you use it
  • by having payments spread over regular intervals, you can budget more effectively

Convent and flexible

  • automatic withdrawals
  • simple application and quick approval
  • payment dates arranged so they don’t coincide with payroll dates
  • all premium financing handled through one payment
  • manage changes in coverage easily

Low Costs

  • attractive rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • financing fees are tax deductible

Learn how you can finance your insurance premiums

To get started send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with next steps. Premium financing is one more tool to make your risk management program simple, controllable, and predictable.