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Insurance is getting more complicated. You need a dedicated expert proactively working for your business so you can enjoy best-in-class insurance coverage and pricing.

What if your insurance program was simple, predictable, and controllable?

We know you hate having to deal with insurance because it’s difficult to understand and feels impossible to control. That’s why we offer a team of experienced industry experts who know their market niches inside and out. We are honest, accountable, and hardworking, and will do whatever it takes to solve your insurance problems.

When your business processes or systems fail your insurance needs to hold. Insurance is complicated — without an ally who understands every detail, you could lose control when you need it most.

To get started, request an online quote. You’ll receive a 15-minute discovery call from one of our experts. Next, we will meet in person to go over potential solutions, after which, we can begin a proactive action plan.

Imagine what it would be like to have your own strategic insurance resource working for you. You need a personal risk consultant who is pro-actively managing your insurance program.

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Edmonton Insurance Company

CMB was founded in 1986 by Ed Cannon, Mark McDonald & Wally Bychkowski, on the premise that they could do insurance better. Better means building a great company through hiring and developing great people who will accomplish remarkable things for their clients.

Purchasing and managing your insurance and risk management program need not be overly complicated, or frustrating. We make the insurance experience simple, controllable & predictable.

CMB Insurance Brokers Edmonton offers business insurance, surety bonds, and home and auto insurance. We specialize in commercial truck, oil & gas, construction, contractor, forestry, taxi, wholesale, retail, professional, manufacturing, and agriculture insurance products.

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As an Edmonton Insurance Company, we think differently about the commercial insurance experience.

Everything we do is centred on making the experience of purchasing and managing your risk management program easy. We do this by challenging the status quo.

Protect your business

CMB’s primary function as an insurance brokerage is to protect its clients’ shareholder value and bottom-line performance. Providing the appropriate coverage and liability protects your company’s assets against risk from accidents during operations.

Control your costs

Achieving maximum protection at the lowest possible cost is the goal. At least 75% of your insurance premium is directly related to either your past loss history or loss expectations.

Reduce the negative impact of a loss

Don’t let insurance claims get in the way of your business. We help you minimize the effect of a claim on your bottom line.

Solutions beyond the standard policy

CMB’s coverage options go deeper than the norm. We provide a variety of enhancements and powerful resources to help you improve your bottom line performance.

An idea of what you can expect

Your business regularly invests in assets that require maintenance in order to protect their value and avoid unplanned business interruption. Similarly, regular touch-points and upgrades to your insurance program will ensure it responds at its best when you need it.

CMB is an Edmonton insurance company with great customer service. For the best insurance rates in Edmonton, Alberta, please call our office in Edmonton or submit a free insurance quote request.