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About Mango Insurance

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Global view
Mango Insurance has access to many international brokers through which you can get your out of country risk exposure insured.

Expert Brokers
At Mango Insurance, we call ourselves insurance geeks. We love what we do and thus we go into the details.

Customer Centric
As our clients, you get a choice of Online, Offline, Phone, Email or Face to Face buying. You can make us your broker anytime irrespective of the renewal date of your policy. We cover the cost.

Local Knowledge
We have developed an expertise in Canadian business regulations pertaining to Insurance, and our partners all over the world have developed expertise in their own country locally.

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Mango Offers

Business Insurance
Every Business is unique and thus we do not have a one size fits all approach. We have access to 2500+ customizable policies with 50+ insurance companies locally and internationally. Few Insurance Brokers in Canada can claim this. Our premium volumes make us the most competitive amongst them when it comes to pricing. If we cannot get you a cover, then it’s really difficult to get!

Automobile Insurance
We insure every kind of machine that moves on roads and off-road. We can get you the best quotes for Commercial and Personal vehicles from 50+ insurance companies in Canada, if required from international markets too. When you take a free no obligation quote from us, you are sure that you have shopped from all the good insurance companies and so you are getting the best possible price.

Home Insurance
Home is a place where most of the earning and lifetime of a person goes. Yet Home Insurance is most neglected insurance and often bought to satisfy the mortgagee. Many insurance brokers cut coverage and offer a low-cost low- cover product, we have a totally opposite approach and we educate you for a conscious decision. Take a no obligation quote and see the difference we have to offer.

Ask Mango to do a FREE insurance audit!
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Mango Insurance

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Office Phone: 587.430.3010
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Mango Insurance and CMB

As of January 2021, Mango Insurance became a division of CMB Insurance Brokers to make it easier for our clients to navigate the world of insurance.

“Many new clients come to us feeling like they are always overpaying for their insurance,” said Matt Halkare, President of Mango Insurance. “After some investigation, we usually find they are tied to a poorly managed risk management program. We’re very excited to be joining CMB Insurance Brokers in creating better results for all our clients.”

Mango Insurance and CMB Insurance Brokers share the same roadmap to successfully managing your insurance program. First they gain a high level of understanding of you, your business, and your goals. Then they ensure you receive the right price, provider and protection, and finally they review and upgrade to your insurance program to ensure it responds optimally when you need it.

Ben McDonald, President and CEO of CMB Insurance Brokers says, “we’re coming together to ensure that when you make your next insurance payment, you’ll feel confident you have the right protection at the right price.”

This partnership between Mango Insurance and CMB Insurance Brokers makes it easier for their clients to manage their insurance programs. Halkare adds, “the question we’re here to answer is, ‘What can be done about your out of control insurance costs?’”

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Meet Mango Insurance

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Mohit Halkare (Matt)


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We think differently about the insurance experience

Everything we do is centered on making the experience of purchasing and managing your Risk Management program easy. We do this by challenging the status quo.

Protect your business

CMB’s primary function as a broker is to protect its clients’ shareholder value and bottom-line performance. Providing the appropriate coverage and liability protects your company’s assets against risk from accidents during operations.

Control your costs

Achieving maximum protection at the lowest possible cost is the goal. At least 75% of your insurance premium is directly related to either your past loss history or losses the insurer expects you to incur.

Reduce the negative impact of a loss

Don’t let a claim get in the way of your business. We help you minimize the effect of a claim on your bottom line.

Solutions beyond the standard policy

CMB’s solutions go deeper than the norm. We provide a wide variety of enhancements and share powerful resources to help you improve your bottom line performance.

An idea of what you can expect

Your business makes significant investments in assets that require regular maintenance not only to protect its value but also to avoid unplanned business interruption. Similarly, regular touchpoints and upgrades to your insurance program will ensure it responds at its best when you need it.