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We think differently about the insurance experience

CMB was founded in 1986 on the premise that “insurance can be done better.” Fast forward 30 years: this belief holds true today. CMB is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta and has three satellite offices: Grande Prairie, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Everything we do is centred on making the experience of purchasing and managing your Risk Management program easy. We do this by challenging the status quo.

20+ Insurance Carriers Represented

50+ Staff

Collective Experience is 310 Years

Client Assets under CMB Management in CAN + U.S.

Client Revenue Range

Client Retention

Our Mission Statement:

We are building Earth’s most client-centric brokerage on the planet, where clients can find, discover and develop solutions for anything they wish to protect so they can continue to advance their business interests with confidence.

We will do this by building great client relationships, starting with identifying their needs and working backwards.

Our Values:

  • Be Bold
  • Client Driven
  • Team First
  • Do the right thing

Our Focus:

Passion: Build a great company by hiring and developing great people who in turn accomplish remarkable things.
Our Niche: We make the insurance experience simple, controllable, and predictable.

ESSEX Leasing and CMB Partnership

Essex provides equipment leasing and financing without the constraints of the big financial institutions. CMB offers tailored risk management programs that support your company’s growth and profitability.

Essex-CMB is your one-stop shop for financing and insurance options that are adapted to work within your business cycles and help you accomplish your goals.

Fast, flexible heavy equipment financing solutions for:
  • General Contractors & Equipment Rental
  • Transportation & Warehousing
  • Oil & Gas Contractors
  • Forestry Contractors
  • Property Managers

Do you need to free up working capital in your business?

The convenience of premium financing allows you to reallocated financial resources earmarked for premiums to other business critical needs. It is a cost-effective, additional credit facility with fixed rates.

With Premium Financing you can afford the proper coverage you need to protect you and your business. It’s straight forward and it’s packed with benefits! Take advantage of this off-balance sheet financing and enhance your credit facility today. Benefits include:

Improved cash flow
  • conserve operating funds
  • no down payment required pay for your insurance as you use it
  • by having payments spread over regular intervals, you can budget more effectively
  • automatic withdrawals simple application and
  • quick approval payment dates arranged so they don’t coincide with payroll dates
  • all premium financing handled through one payment
  • manage changes in coverage easily
Low Costs
  • attractive rates
  • no penalty for early pay out financing fees are tax deductible

Why Professionals Trust CMB

When working with a new client, on average our audits uncover $1.5 M of business risk unaddressed and/or assets that have been overlooked.

The right program management can reduce the total cost of insurance by up to 30%.

On average, $20K recovery of lost profit for not-at-fault claims on heavy commercial units.

Your equipment claims settled up to 8 weeks faster than industry.
Savings of at least 10 hours of your time.

Approximately 70% of businesses have unaddressed risk—and don’t know it.
The average out-of-pocket cost of a loss is $280K—preventable on the right plan.

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