Transportation Safety and Compliance with the CMB + HSE Systems Partnership

Complying with legislative requirements and government regulations can be a challenge for trucking businesses, but Strategic HSE Systems can simplify the process of implementing necessary safety and compliance solutions. With their help, you can achieve compliance and operate with confidence.

CMB Insurance offers a reliable, one-stop source for insurance and safety solutions. We have teamed up with Strategic HSE Systems Inc. (HSE) to provide compliance and safety solutions for your business.


Did you know?

Alberta carriers must comply with National Safety Code, including:
  • National Safety Code (NSC) Carrier Safety Program
  • Carrier Maintenance Program
  • Hours of Service Logs (Provincial/Federal)
  • Cargo Securement
  • Vehicle Weights and Dimensions
  • NSC Drive Training
  • Continuous & Regular Truck/Trailer Maintenance
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Safety and Compliance Solutions

Strategic HSE Systems Inc. (HSE) understands what’s required to operate confidently and achieve compliance with legislation. We provide driver training and assist in developing streamlined processes to ensure success.

Whether you need GPS fleet tracking for the energy sector, landscaping, forestry—or anything in between—Strategic HSE has your back.

Strategic HSE Systems can provide:

Digital Record Keeping
Acting as your virtual filing cabinet, we maintain all legally required records, ensuring they are updated monthly.

National Safety Code Policies
Development and updating of essential safety and maintenance policies as per legal requirements.

Pre-Audit Preparation & Driver Log Monitoring
Assisting in audit preparations and providing comprehensive monthly reports on driver logs.

Carrier Profile Monitoring & Accident Reviews
Regular reviews of your Carrier Profile and assistance in the event of accidents.

Driver and Vehicle Documentation
We handle your compliance with the National Safety Code, managing driver and vehicle files, and tracking expiry dates.

National Safety Code E-Learning
Inclusive training for your staff on critical topics like Hours of Service and Cargo Securement.

ELD Configuration Assistance & IFTA Services
Support in managing Electronic Logging Devices and handling IFTA reporting and filings.

Monthly Compliance Reports & Client Document Portal
Detailed compliance reports and access to a dedicated document portal for ease of document management.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I achieve legislative requirements “in-house”?

You can, but most clients find the process a huge administration burden and time commitment. By leveraging HSE’s process nothing gets missed, risk is mitigated, and results are achieved relatively quickly.

What if I discover my safety program needs additional supports?

A huge advantage of working with Strategic HSE Systems is our additional supports and partner network. Many of our clients come to us for compliance solutions and end up benefiting from a whole host of additional options (ie. business analytics) that strengthen their overall operation. Strategic HSE can get you compliant and grow from there.


Safety & Your Insurance Costs

Did you know 75% of your insurance costs are tied to your loss history and anticipated losses? In today’s competitive trucking industry, ensuring safety compliance and managing insurance costs are paramount. Find out about 7 steps you can take to do both here.



About Strategic HSE Systems

“HSE can take care of your safety so you can take care of your business.”

Strategic HSE Systems Inc. specializes in Transportation and Occupational Health and Safety and provides high-quality compliance-based solutions designed to educate, measure, and assist the transportation industry.

Headquartered in Peace River, Alberta, Strategic HSE Systems Inc. has been a proven service provider to Western Canada since 2010. Their hands-on approach to their clients makes their company truly unique.

Do you need Safety and Compliance Solutions?

HSE services western Canada. It’s headquartered in Peace River and operates an Edmonton office.

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