Trucking: Winter Driving Safety Tips

Trucking: Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving during the winter can be dangerous for even the most experienced drivers, but being prepared can help alleviate some of the risks. Preparing for winter driving is the best way to protect drivers and others on the road.

The following are a few winter driving safety tips for truck drivers:

  • Adapt to the conditions. If it is snowy, icy or the roads are in any way covered, it’s important to slow down. The way a vehicle reacts on ice and snow can be unpredictable but easier to control when moving at a slower speed. Stopping distance is also increased, so going slower will allow for more time to stop.
  • Pack an emergency kit. All drivers should have emergency kits in their vehicles, and they should be adapted for each season. In winter, make sure to add items like extra warm clothes, blankets, canned food and water.
  • Install tire chains. Most provinces don’t require the use of chains, but most allow them when driving conditions are poor. Even if they aren’t installed, it’s still a good idea to pack them in case driving conditions warrant their use.
  • Wear warm boots with good traction. To prevent slips and falls, wear shoes or boots with good traction to help with exiting the cab and walking safely.
  • Wait it out. If road conditions are especially treacherous, find a safe place to wait it out. No load is worth risking a driver’s life.
  • Stay up to date. Before hitting the road, it’s important to be aware of any incoming weather events along the route. Check for updates at each stop to see if any storms are progressing.

These safety tips will help reduce risks for drivers while driving routes in winter. For more trucking safety tips and ways to avoid exposures, call CMB at 780.424.2727 or click here to get a quote on trucking insurance.