Preventing Logging Truck Rollovers

Preventing Logging Truck Rollovers

Log trucks and similar vehicles are commonplace in forestry operations. They are essential to keeping operations moving. However, improper use of these vehicles can result in deadly rollover accidents.

Vehicle rollovers can be caused by a number of activities, but are most often a result of the following:

  • Taking sharp, high-speed turns
  • Driving too close to slopes, embankments and ditches
  • Loading vehicles improperly
  • Driving in poor conditions or aggressively

Thankfully, log truck rollovers are fairly easy to prevent in most situations. Drivers should do the following in order to limit the chances of potentially deadly accidents:

  1. Manage your speed and slow down when turning.
  2. Use the appropriate load securement devices to ensure a load doesn’t move. Only hitch at weights approved by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  3. Keep the heaviest logs at the bottom of a load. Avoid creating any free space.
  4. Practise attentive driving and avoid driving on the shoulder of a road.
  5. Avoid oversteering or understeering the vehicle as overcorrections are a main cause of rollovers.
  6. Use counterweights to offset any imbalances.
  7. Use vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability programs or equivalent support systems.
  8. Practise good route planning to avoid external hazards such as poor weather or road conditions.
  9. Report safety issues to a supervisor immediately and keep in contact with transport management whenever you make a delivery.

Keeping the above tips in mind can go a long way in preventing rollovers and injuries.

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