How to Have a Proper Video Call

How to Have a Proper Video Call

While organizations are starting to get back to normal, employees still would like the option of working from home. Therefore, the use of video calls is still necessary. Working remotely will continue to be a popular option due to its convenience, cost-effectiveness and ability to prevent the spread of illnesses. However, it’s important to be aware of proper video call etiquette to help employees stay professional, focused and productive.

Use the following best practices for effective virtual meetings:

  • Stay muted when not speaking. A microphone can pick up all sorts of background noise, like typing, dogs barking or other activities. It’s best to stay muted until it is time to talk.
  • Show up on time. Logging in on time is just as important as arriving at a meeting on time. Be prepared and ready for the meeting to start at its scheduled time, and most of all, pay attention. It can be obvious when a meeting attendee is looking elsewhere or, worse, at their phone.
  • Test technology. When hosting a meeting, it’s important to do a test run to ensure that everything is working appropriately. Double-check that the camera, microphone and any additional resources are working so that the meeting can run seamlessly. It is also necessary to make sure attendees have all the appropriate login information, as organizations use various virtual meeting platforms.
  • Look professional. It can be tempting to roll out of bed and log in, but a meeting is still an important business interaction, whether it is with a client or a co-worker. Get dressed as if the meeting is in person, frame the camera so there aren’t background distractions, and make sure there is good lighting.

Professionalism should still be at the top of the list of priorities for any organization, and video call etiquette is a huge part of that. It might even be the difference that lands a business its next client over a competitor.

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